new website and brand new webshop!


January 3rd 2015
What started as a minor update to get our website in line with the rest of Unfold's identity became a complete overhaul and rebuild. Just like the visual identity, the site was lovingly crafted by Indianen and coded by Wout. The new site might look familiar, we kept what worked well but tweaked a lot of things and added some major new sections which are now conveniently located in the top menu. 
Projects still features the familiar grid with all our projects but now including project titles.  All the projects were reviewed, some removed, some consolidated and all texts and images have been double checked and expanded with new material so don't forget to check them all out again! Texts are now collapsed so we can have longer text without them taking all the space, click on the more... label next to the description to fold out all text.
Discourse replaces the old Publications grid and has a much broader scope, it presents you with everything that gives context to our work. This material can be produced by others about our own work: like books, articles, essays, films; but also includes things we do as Unfold like exhibitions we curate, talks we give, articles we write, books we edit,workshops we give etc. So don't forget to regularly check out this section. You can now also like all projects and other items on Facebook.
News section has also been added for everybody who's not following us on Facebook :). The updates won't be as frequent as the ones on Facebook, more in line with the content of our newsletter to which you can still subscribe on the Contact page (slightly hidden under the logo).
Last but not least we finally added the often requested online Shop in which you can buy all our products and limited editions straight from the Unfold printers and other production lines. Hitting the for sale sticker on the Projects grid or in a project description will take you straight to the associated product in the webshop.

Our new visual identity and website were made possible with a grant from Design Flanders.

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do!


ps. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies like broken links etc.
New Website